brick-warriorsCoinciding with Germany’s march across western Europe and takeover of France, was turmoil in Britain’s political system as Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain stepped down, making way for the renowned Winston Churchill to take control of the position and rally Britain’s people in their fight against Germany. In honor of this momentous event, Brick Warriors introducing British Flametrooper accessories!

gas-maskBRITISH GAS MASK – Standard issue helmet/gas mask combo for your British LEGO minifigure WW2 armies.

flame-throwerBRITISH FLAMETHROWER – Standard issue flamethrower for your British LEGO WW2 minifigure armies.

flame-tankBRITISH FLAME TANK -The British Flame Tank was nicknamed the Lifebuoy for it’s silly round shape, and it served as the standard issue flame tank for your British LEGO WW2 minifigure armies.

Don’t forget to grab a flamethrower to use with the tank. And to connect the two, just cut a length of those black LEGO tubes.

And remember, 5% of all sales this month will be donated to the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation, a non-profit organization that donates toys to needy children during the holidays.  So order today and help support a great cause.

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