The German conquest across western Europe was highlighted by the Battle of France, where the Axis forces took majority control, essentially marking the fall of France. But the French did not go out without a fight, helped by their combat engineers called Sappers, specialized soldiers who laid and cleared minefields among other construction responsibilities during battle. Brick Warriors brings you some of their most essential tools to you today:

barb-wire barb-wire-2

BARBED WIRE – Weave strands of this together to help your LEGO minifigures protect their trenches.

mine3LAND MINE – If your LEGO minifigures expect the enemy to be heading their way, why not lay down a few good old fashioned land mines to blow them up before they can get close?  Just don’t forget where you put them…

mine-detectorMINE DETECTOR – The mine detector was originally designed to prevent your LEGO minifigures from being blown into bits while going for a stroll through the woods, but in the years since WW2, it has been commandeered by old men who like to randomly search for metal on the beach.

wire-cuttersWIRE CUTTERS – If your LEGO minifigures are lazy and don’t like climbing fences, give them a pair of these fine wire cutters.  Just make sure the fence you’re cutting isn’t electrical or your minifigures will be in for a real shock.

And remember, 5% of all sales this month will be donated to the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation, a non-profit organization that donates toys to needy children during the holidays.  So order today and help support a great cause.

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