Shortly after Britain and France declared war on Germany, the Axis forces moved aggressively through western Europe, conquering multiple nations along the way. Today, the German Fallschirmjagers drop in on BrickWarriors.com. Get the new accessories today!

helmet2FALLSCHIRMJAGER HELMET- German paratrooper WW2 LEGO minifigures would have just used the Stahlhelm, but using a helmet that flared out on the sides is a great way to get your head ripped off during a jump.

rifle2FALLSCHIRMJAGER RIFLE – This custom LEGO gun is the standard issue rifle for your German WW2 paratroopers.
backpackRADIO PACK – Having soldiers run around all willy-nilly wasn’t a very good strategy, so one poor LEGO minifigure in each squad needed to carry a radio pack. A cell phone would have been more convenient, but whatever.

The radio pack can be attached to any BrickWarriors suspenders.


CUSTOM PRINTED FALLSCHIRMJAGER TORSO РStandard issue uniform for your WW2 German LEGO minifigure paratroopers.

Includes custom printed LEGO torso, arms, and hands only.

5% of all Brick Warriors sales this month will be donated to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, a non-profit organization that donates toys to needy children during the holidays. So order today and help support a great cause.

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