Britain has declared war! Two days after Germany’s invasion of Poland, the British responded by formally declaring war on the Germans. Have your minifigures lead the charge with these historically accurate British military accessories:

brodieBRODIE HELMET – Standard issue custom LEGO helmet for your British LEGO minifigure armies in WW1 and WW2, and standard issue for the US in WW1.

suspendersBRITISH SUSPENDERS – Standard issue suspenders for your British LEGO WW2 minifigure armies.

These custom LEGO suspenders also feature a stud on the back for a flame tank or supply pack.

british-smgBRITISH SMG – This custom LEGO gun is the standard issue SMG for your British WW2 Minifigure armies.

british-rifleBRITISH RIFLE – This custom LEGO gun is the standard issue rifle for your British WW2 LEGO armies.

5% of all Brick Warriors sales this month will be donated to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, a non-profit organization that donates toys to needy children during the holidays. So order today and help support a great cause.

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