The high- flying documentary Lucha Mexico takes you into the impassioned world of lucha libre wrestling, where masked warriors fight mythological battles in the squared circle. Directors Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz were given access to all the major lucha organizations, and take you deep inside the Mexican lucha libre culture, documenting its rich traditions and colorful style. The heart of the film is the second-generation luchador the Shocker, the self-proclaimed 1000% Guapo superstar who suffers a serious injury and faces the reality of life without wrestling. A hard-hitting spectacle of high spots and low blows, Lucha Mexico is a must-see for both pro wrestling fans and those who fight for what they believe in.


What We Thought:

We here at The Nerds Templar are big fans of wrestling so Lucha Mexico was a fun watch. It’s an inside look at the culture, celebrity and daily life of Mexican wrestling.

The documentary shows a lot of famous Lucha libre wrestlers with and without their masks. There’s some American wrestlers in it too who wrestle in Mexico. Guys like Shocker, Blue Demon Jr., Jon Strongman Anderson and more.

It shows their injuries despite people thinking it’s fake. Shocker is out 8 months because of one. A wrestler dies in the ring while the documentary was shooting. They all seem to have serious issues and a lot drink because of it.

The fan interaction is what makes the sport so popular. Fans go up to these guys in the streets, in restaurants, even near the ring for pictures and autographs. The athletes all happily oblige. Fans of all ages get to meet their heroes and their heroes are just as happy to meet their fans.

Plus this shows how family oriented the sport is. Many of the wrestlers had fathers who wrestled. Some had other family members as well. It’s in their blood which they spill for their fans.

You really get a feel for who these men are. It’s a very intimate look at their lives. You meet their kids and wives, their mothers and fathers. You see what a toll it takes on not just bodies, but their relationships. Some travel the world and spend time in Japan away from their families. You may think wrestling is fake, but what it does to the wrestlers certainly isn’t.

Lucha Mexico is one of the better wrestling documentaries I’ve seen. It reminded me of Paul Hough’s The Backyard with how “behind the curtain” it is and what it shows about the wrestlers. If you are a wrestling fan, especially Lucha libre, then it is…


Bonus Features:

  • Booklet with Wrestling Cards
  • An Hour of Deleted Scenes

Cast & Crew:

  • Shocker
  • Blue Demon Jr.
  • Jon Strongman Anderson

Recommended If You Like:

  • The Backyard
  • Wrestling
  • Lucha Libre


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