With Thanksgiving approaching we here at The Nerds Templar would like to thank everyone who’s stopped by, read something, commented on it or laughed behind our backs (maybe not that one) in our first year. Ok we haven’t been around for a full year yet, but you guys have made it awesome nonetheless. So for helping us grow, we’d like to give something back. Thanks to our awesome sponsors, we have some great movies to give out as thank yous for anyone who has stopped by. We have a little something for everyone. We have comedy (Melissa McCarthy in The Boss). Some action (The Gunman, London Has Fallen). Some Girls Night fun (Mothers Day). Some music (Roger Waters The Wall). Some horror (Crimson Peak) and maybe some other random surprises.

You have multiple ways to enter! First, email Murraymakercontests@gmail.com with your favorite movie and why. Yup, your favorite movie of all time. If we like what you have to say, we’ll send you a movie of our choice. Then like us on Facebook for a second entry and follow @murraymaker @therockymaxwell @bigzandthewins on Twitter for THREE more entries. Contest ends November 23, 2016. US addresses only.


You’ve visited our site and now you might win something because of it. That’s pretty kickass if I do say so myself. So what are you waiting for? For Zach McAllister and Rocky Maxwell, this is Editor/Founder Ken Murray thanking you for checking out The Nerds Templar!

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