Today is the day many Nintendo fans have waited for, the day that NX was unveiled. Whenever an announcement like this comes out you have three groups who talk about it. You have the fanboys, those who are already showing money at their screens. You have the haters, the people who will hate it even if it has all the features they want. Lastly you have the general populace, unbiased until they see the trailer, that was me. Notice I said was. Once I saw the trailer for the Nintendo Switch I was quickly swayed in a particular direction because this console looks like a novelty tablet and functions about the same way. Now I realize this is a very unpopular opinion but I have my reasons for it.

Make no mistake, I was never a fanboy or an advocate for their franchises. I personally despise their business practices, but I like their products. I love Pokemon games, Super Mario 3 is a classic and I have three Zelda posters hanging up in my home office, but when I saw this console, something snapped. I get why people like this console, it’s portable, it’s sleek, it allows for powerful gaming on the go. But I can’t get past a few things. Its design has all the basic features of a game-pad from the WiiU. It’s a screen that you can game on that’s not a TV, that;s kinda cool I guess, but if I recall correctly, that craze faded early with the game-pad and I suspect it may do the same here.


These controllers, they scream Wii controller. They look similar and you even have to use them sideways. I know that Nintendo prides itself on building off of its previous creations, but is this innovation or a recycled idea? These controllers also look smaller than a Wiimote, which is concerning because for many of us who have big hands (sorry Trump). It was hard to use a Wiimote and it seems that we’re gonna have to adjust again.

If Nintendo Switch was just a console, the classic leave it at home and play, I’d hold nothing against it. In fact it would just be a WiiU at that point. Which begs to question, what is portability worth? Are you willing to spend a few hundred dollars to game on the go again? I feel like Nintendo is shooting themselves in this regard unless they stop 3DS support. If I want to game on the go, I have a smartphone and a 3DS. Do I really want to lug around this tablet sized device just to play a game? I don’t, no. I have another Nintendo product that already fulfills that need.


Now I realize that we don’t have all the info yet or even a full line up for the Nintendo Switch. What we have is this trailer for a console that has been hyped for a long time. I can see why Nintendo didn’t showcase this at E3, because it would have been underwhelming to say the least. Nintendo is going to have a lot to prove about this console before March in 2017 when it releases. My personal opinion is that sales with be huge once it releases, then just like with the WiiU, it will be forgotten. The titles released will be the main selling point, i just hope they’re worth it. Once again, just my initial thoughts. 

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