In Universal Pictures’ Kevin Hart: What Now?, comedic rock-star Kevin Hart follows up his 2013 hit stand-up concert movie Let Me Explain, which grossed $32 million domestically and became the third-highest live stand-up comedy movie of all time. Hart takes center stage in this groundbreaking, record-setting, sold-out performance of “What Now?”—filmed outdoors in front of 50,000 people at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field—marking the first time a comedian has ever performed to an at-capacity football stadium.


What We Thought: 

Kevin Hart: What Now? isn’t the comedian’s best special, but it still has some laughs. It was pretty cool to see him sell out a football stadium though.

In his latest special, he tackles everything from watching horror movies, Starbucks, black girlfriends not believing anything and how his kids have no street cred because they go to private school.

Now that he’s one of the biggest comedians in the world, his comedy has changed a bit. Sure that’s expected because you can only do the same type of joke so many times, but this feels a lot more personal. He talks about his kids and new fiance a lot and has a bit about his dad. His kids go to a private school so they don’t have a tough upbringing. There’s a joke about him hanging with his older friends and one of his children complaining the wi-fi is out.

There’s a bit about wanting to move because an animal scares him and it grabs its penis. He also doesn’t like that he didn’t get lights for his driveway because when he puts the trash out he hears noises. He makes his son put it out one night and that joke is pretty funny.

One of the best routines is a story he tells about his dad and his dad’s wheelchair bound girlfriend staying at his house. They watch The Conjouring which scares them and he hightails it out of his house when he hears a noise. The part about his dad joining him is funny too.

He gets really personal with a joke about sex toys. His new woman gets him a masturbating toy for when he’s on the road and it’s pretty graphic and comical. His bit about going to Starbucks for the first time has been done before from many comedians, but it still made me laugh.

I didn’t quite get the beginning of the comedy special with Halle Berry and Don Cheadle. It’s a James Bond Casino spoof and felt unnecessary. It’s only there to make the special long enough to play movie theaters.

Kevin Hart: What Now? isn’t a classic you’ll listen to for years, but if you need some comedy in your life, this will work. I’ve heard better material before from Hart, but I’m glad he’s still doing stand up when his movie career is soaring.


Cast & Crew:

  • Kevin Hart
  • Halle Berry
  • Don Cheadle

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  • Comedy
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