Sinister VisionsA collaboration of cutting edge filmmakers from the USA, UK, Sweden and Denmark. Five sinister-visionssinister stories blending bloody horror and dark humor, including demonic archaeological finds, zombie girlfriends, murderous ex-wives, nagging mothers, and a serial killer gleefully recounting his brutal crimes.

Sinister Visions was a very enjoyable and entertaining anthology film. Most of the segments were well done, they looked good, and had decent writing. The effects were good in most of the segments as well. The acting was mostly decent or better. I especially liked the second short, My Undead Girlfriend. The Genital Genocide segment was out-of-place in this anthology. The quality of it did not match the rest. It definitely shouldn’t have been the one they ended with. I would have liked to see a different short there in its place altogether though. I recommend this one, especially for fellow fans of anthology films!



bestsevenBest Of SevenAfter a nearly fatal overdose, a young man with multiple personality disorder attempts to go one week without his medication.

I greatly enjoyed Best Of Seven. It was a fun, quirky, low-budget comedy. Jonnie Stapleton (who also had a hand in the writing) did a great job playing the different personalities. All the scenes that contained more than one personality at a time, so Jonnie was basically having a conversation, or otherwise interacting with himself, were done very well. The story was pretty good. The movie overall had a unique feel. I definitely recommend this one, go check it out on VOD.





Dark Angel: The Ascent Deep in the depths of hell, Veronica, (Angela Featherstone; The Zero Effect, Soul Survivors, dark angelFriends) a young demoness, yearns to visit the world of man. Veronica finds a secret passage and ascends from Hades with her dog Hellraiser, and they find themselves on the streets of a modern American city.  Disguised as a human, she meets Max Barris, a young doctor, and begins living with him. Veronica decides her mission in life is to punish the wicked and evil, and goes about this with a bloody vengeance. She hunts down evildoers and kills them, feeding parts of their bodies to her dog. Finally she tells Max the truth about herself, and despite the fact that she’s a spawn of darkness he falls in love with her. But will the separation of mortal and immortal allow their love to last…?


This is a movie from the mid 90’s, which has been remastered, and is now being released on Blu-ray. This is another of those times, where their whole hype is about how much they have visually touched up the original, but I only got to see it streaming, so I can’t comment on how it actually looks on the Blu-ray. So I will talk about the movie itself. The effects, costumes, and the Hell sets are fantastic. They look great, and make me really miss when practical effects were the standard. It was well shot. The acting in this was decent, with a few goofy performances, but those mostly matched the characters. The story and writing itself was a little sub-par, although kind of funny and still entertaining. Overall it was a fun watch. And I’d recommend it.

6plots6 PlotsAfter passing out at a party, Brie wakes up to a strange phone message: a lunatic has abducted her six friends and buried them in boxes around the city. Each box has its own deadly terror — water, gasoline, insects — waiting to kill its occupant. To add to the sadistic thrills, the killer is streaming footage of the trapped kids on the Internet — and to each other. Forbidden to call parents or police, Brie must use her wits to locate her friends’ six death traps before their time runs out.

This is a movie I might have liked if the characters weren’t so annoying. It’s an Australian flick that is Saw meets Buried. It has the gimmick of Saw with people trapped and trying to figure ways out plus the buried alive aspect of Buried. Unfortunately I didn’t want to see any of the kids actually get rescued. You don’t get much backstory on them other than they are kids who are at a party who then wind up in boxes. There’s attempted twists with each person having their own terror for a reason, but that’s really irrelevant. I hate how everything today has to be recorded too. It’s well made and not completely unwatchable, but I simply didn’t care about these kids. The filmmakers gave me no reason to. If you are claustrophobic, you might freak out a little, but other than that, it’s not scary or anything either. Maybe a younger crowd might get into it, but it was pretty lackluster to me.

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