Do you have an idea for something that you want to share with the world but don’t know where to start? Want to make a living without selling your soul? Have a business plan but can’t afford to buy anything up front? This book is for you.


Punk Rock Entrepreneur is a guide to launching your own business using DIY methods that allow you to begin from wherever you are, right now. Caroline Moore talks (and illustrates!) you through the why and how of business operations that she learned over years booking bands, organizing fests, sleeping on couches, and making a little go a long way. Engaging stories and illustrations show you the ropes, from building a network and working distribution channels to the value of community and being authentic.

With first hand accounts from touring bands and small business owners, this book gives you the inspiration and down-to-earth advice you’ll need to get started working for yourself.

About The Author :

Caroline Moore is a photographer and designer from Brownsville, Pennyslvania. She has honed her business sense through years of involvement in the DIY punk scene, and has spoken on the topic at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and Dare Conference. Her photos have been published in Alternative Press, the Vinyl District, and BIE Media, and she’s designed for the CREATE lab under Carnegie Mellon University, as well as for Denis Leary and Green Day.

What We Thought:

Punk Rock Entrepreneur is a neat little book. At 127 pages, it is a light and easy read, yet it has lots of interesting and potentially useful tidbits. Caroline Moore talks about things to do, and not to do, using some really different and unique, mostly punk/rock-based, examples. There are also cool little blurbs by members of bands, publishers of zines, runners of clubs and festivals and even a property manager. The vibe of the whole book is pretty much “Just go do it, NOW!”, and many of the examples and stories show you how you should, or how others have. I also want to commend her on her Firefly shout out in the book, encouraging others to watch it, while mentioning it as part of one of her examples. Even if you are not into Punk Rock (if you aren’t, what the hell is wrong with you?), you can still use this book and accomplish things in a DIY, Punk Rock style! I definitely recommend this one if you are trying to find a way to get your business going. Even if you have a project you are having a hard time getting started, the DIY, outside-of-the-box, you-can-do-it vibe of this book might be just the kick start you need! Go check it out.

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