When I was younger, I recall that I wanted to be a cameraman. I wanted to ride in a helicopter, going to where the action is. Well, Outlast 2 gave me that chance and so much more. I played the original Outlast for the first time last year and I didn’t even get close to finishing it. If the Outlast 2 Demo is a sign of things to come, I may not be able to finish it either. While this demo is on the shorter side of things, it delivers its message very well. You will be terrified, you will question every action you make and you will have fun.

outlast4I’m not one to play horror games, but I’ve been getting my feet wet (with blood) in the genre. This demo sets the scene with a conversation between you and someone regarding a woman that was found barefoot and pregnant wandering around in the middle of nowhere. During this conversation, something malfunctions on the helicopter you’re in and it crashes. And like all good survival horror games, instead of avoiding the creepy village, we charge right in, looking for help. To our dismay, there’s not a soul in this village, but there is plenty of tension and atmosphere. I’m really happy to see that horror games are focusing on gameplay and atmosphere without giving the player a safety blanket consisting of weapons. It really feels like the genre is finding its roots again. Here’s some screenshots of the horror that I experienced.


outlast3While the atmosphere is there in the Outlast 2 Demo, I feel like it relied a tad too much on the jump scares to deliver the punch to gut. I do have high hopes for this game and will attempt to brave the storm when it releases sometime in 2017. If you’ve been looking for a quick horror fix, definitely give this Demo a go.

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