Pop! Games: Q*bert


The eponymous character of the
classic arcade game Q*bert is now a Pop!

Nostalgic collectors are sure to love the
cube-hopping mucus bomber!

Coming this fall!

Coming in November!

Pop! Movies: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Strange things are afoot at Funko HQ!

Add Bill S. Preston and Ted Logan to your
collection and be excellent to each other, dudes!

Coming in December!

Mystery Minis: My Little Pony

Spike and the Mane Six are ready to defend
Maretropolis from super-villains!

This set of Mystery Minis features the Power Ponies,
including Radiance, Masked Matter-Horn, and Fili-Second!

You can even get their arch nemesis, Mane-iac!
Collect them all!

Available now!

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