We’ve all had a bad taste left in our mouth after Hello Games over promised features and left a staggering amount of those features out of No Man’s Sky that were said to be included. I spent as much time as anyone gathering resources, listening to audio books, grinding more resources and traveling to the center of the galaxy. I even gave this game a mostly positive review. After I reached the galaxy center, I was just plopped on another planet with my ship broken and needing repairs. I had clocked in over 40 hours at this point and instead of feeling satisfied, I felt disrespected. If I wanted to replay the beginning I would have to make a new save file. While I reached the center, a song started playing that was building up the hype more than anything else. I’d call it one of the best tracks of this year, unfortunately, it was the best thing about No Man’s Sky. This video belongs to YouTuber Dakotah Lilly.

Isn’t it ok for a song to be the best part of the game’s ending? No, it’s the feeling of satisfaction that is the best part, and Hello Games robbed us of that satisfaction. The audio is a tool to deliver a more impactful moment, not be the impactful moment. Here’s to you Hello Games, have fun dealing with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), hopefully you’ll respond to them since you keep ignoring us.

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