Coming to DVD on October 11, 2016, Ghosts in the Machine follows a multinational group of 20-somethings headed to a backwoods cabin in the French countryside to vacation. With no running water or electricity at the cabin they are determined to make the best of it until they discover a mysterious VCR and a pile of tapes. Somehow able to watch the bizarre movies without power, they realize there are strange forces at work, and that their lives might be in danger.

Writer/director Gautier Cazenave found the inspiration to make Ghosts in his love for the VHS format. With an acclaimed screening at the Vancouver Badass Film Festival 2016, Ghosts has been declared “Highy original… What horror fans have been waiting for.” With an international cast hailing from France, UK, US, Australia, Italy and Belgium, the film stars Ewen Blumenstein, Morgan Lamorté, Florie Auclerc-Vialens, Pétur Sigurðsson, Isabel McCann, and Delphine Lanniel.

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