zombie-croc-1Zombie Croc A team of researchers and a mysterious hunter known only as “Crocodile Jack” venture into the swamp to battle a monstrous resurrected swamp beast that has been mutilating and devouring town locals. As they venture deeper into the swamps losing team members to the gigantic, carnivorous, undead reptile. They discover that a Voodoo priest has been orchestrating the resurrection  of not only the vicious ancient creature, but a  horde of flesh-eating zombies as well. It will take much more than big guns and bran to stop the zombie croc!

Zombie Croc is an interesting concept, poorly executed. For some reason the footage quality is inconsistent. The acting is about what you’d expect from a movie called Zombie Croc, it didn’t add anything to the film, but didn’t take away from it. The one thing I really like was the manner in which the Zombie Croc was used. They had a head that was shot using trick photography, like forced perspective shots, to make it look huge when it was attacking things. The problem was they seemed to have only the head, and the manner in which they shot, made the crocs size look inconsistent. The plot was not the best, but you don’t watch a movie like this for a strong plot. I loved how the Voodoo priest had that typical Baron Samedi look.


alienweenAlienween Four Friends decide to spend Halloween night partying in a country house with call girls. The house had been abandoned ever since a tragic death occurred there years ago. While they are partying, strange slimy meteors begin to fall from the sky. The raging storm outside brings them face to face with not only the house’s tragic past, but with an alien invasion of the strangest kind. This Halloween, the Aliens are here and it’s not good!

I really enjoyed Alienween. Most of the acting was at least decent or better. The story was unique and interesting. The quality of the film was pretty good. The effects were mostly really awesome. Parts of the story didn’t completely make sense. Although I am not sure if it was just things lost in translation. Which is possible, because the subtitles were not done very well. Overall, it is a fun watch, and I recommend it.

Bad Ass Babes 2 DVD set



ninjaNinja: Prophecy Of Death (Lady Of Death) – When a top female ninja assassin is left for dead, she is forced to join forces with the Mafia to exact her revenge as she fights her way through a hierarchy of elite warriors to kill the ruthless ring leader that left her for dead.

The plot of this movie sounds simple, but it is presented in a very convoluted manner. The acting performances are all over the place. The fight scenes are a mix of pretty decent and really bad. The footage quality is average. It was fun seeing bunches of people in stereotypical ninja outfits getting killed. PLUS this one has nudity! For a low-budget action film, I have seen worse.


apocalypseApocalypse Female Warriors A band of renegade female warriors fight their way through the walls of the last city while combating mutated scavengers, and wasteland renegades to storm and conquer the last bastion of civilization.

If you take a trio of okay-looking women (c‘mon, one of them is at least 15 years older than the others, but put her in a miniskirt and give her braids, she looks the same age, right?), put them in an apocalyptic setting, with some really terrible-looking effects, and half-assed action sequences, all set to a pretty good soundtrack, you get Female Apocalypse Warriors. The story idea itself was not bad, although somewhat typical. The acting was a mix. The footage quality was decent. Pro-wrestler The Blue Meanie had a decent cameo in it. There was some nudity. Despite its flaws, the movie was a somewhat enjoyable watch.

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