Minifigures.com is a UK-Based site that offers great custom-printed minifigures for use with all of your Lego and Lego-Compatible sets. In their store they offer a great range of options, from ET, to Bruce Lee, to Charlie Chaplin, to Freddie Mercury, to Mr. Bean, and many more. From political figures, celebrities, and well-known chefs, to assorted characters from TV, movies, and video games. All of the minifigs are high quality, and custom-printed in detail, and come with matching accessories.

nathan-drake-render-jpeg jack-skellington-jpg michael_jackson_render3 bruce-lee-jpget-render-2

If you want a run of custom minifigures for an event, for promotional purposes, or even as an army-builder for your personal collection, they also offer the ability to design and order your own. They have a minimum order of 50 figures. BUT it is still a cool service to have offered.

I was excited when Minifigures.com sent me one of their new Scarface minifures to check out.


First, when I opened the box, I found that my minifigure also came with a flyer for an upcoming October event over in the UK called Bricklive, and a Minifigure Care Guide. The care guide is a funny little touch that is definitely worth reading!


The figure itself comes in a cool little resealable blister pack.  So you can have fun with your figure, AND display it in its package! The best of both worlds! Also, the back of the package has a bio, as well as a paragraph about the minifigure itself.


I took the minifigure out of the package, and he is spectacularly detailed. His face looks really good, there are extra detail lines on there, in addition to the 5 O’clock shadow. The hairpiece completes his look. His 360-degree printed pinstripe suit is fantastic. He comes with his “little friend”, a rifle, with under-slung grenade launcher, which must also be a custom-molded weapon, as I have never seen one in any Lego kit.

14445833_731469537962_965369639_n 14429526_731469532972_124092365_n 14429090_731469542952_185012068_n

This Scarface minifigure is amazing, and would be a great addition to any collection! If this is the level of quality on all of their minifigures, then they are definitely a shop worth checking out!

Go check out their webpage here, also follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Now, I have to find a way to take back the Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion from Scarface. I’m gonna have to play rough.


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