Happy Friday everyone, how the week flies by. It’s time for you to put down the briefcase and pick up your favorite controller and unwind by the TV. This week is all about DLC, Updates and remasters. Since we’re rejuvenating ourselves over the weekend, let’s check out how some games are also getting rejuvenated. This week we saw Destiny receive its newest expansion, World of Warcraft Legion released its first raid and the Bioshock remasters offer the same great fun with even better graphics. Make sure you read all the way through because at the end of the article there will be some exciting news!


If you’re one of the 2 people who have read all my articles, then you know that a game that I can’t shut up about is World of Warcraft: Legion. This week is no different. On Tuesday, we saw the launch of the newest raid, The Emerald Nightmare. In this raid, players will faces new challenges, harder bosses and even have to fight WoW character Cenarius. Cenarius was corrupted by Xavius, who is the final boss in this Raid. Grab your guildies and take up arms as you fight to defend Azeroth and Purge the corruption from the Emerald dream.


Destiny: Rise of Iron is here, and man is it fun. This entire expansion is a huge fan service bringing things like a newer Gjallarhorn and an exotic Khvostov into the hands of players. While the story only has five missions and it seems like the exotic quests last longer than the new campaign, the true beauty of Destiny is still trying to gear up for the new raid, Wrath of the Machine. Rise of Iron is a breath of fresh air after the Taken King. Instead of being inside a dark ship all the time, now we have a new version of the Cosmodrome to explore. If you’ve read my most recent review than you know my exact thoughts on Rise of Iron, if not, go check it out here : https://thenerdstemplar.com/2016/09/22/destiny-rise-of-iron-the-expansion-every-guardian-wanted/


Bioshock got a facelift for all three games in its series. Right now I’m halfway through Bioshock: Infinite and then I plan to play the original Bioshock next. The games play exactly the same which makes them feel slightly dated, but it’s fantastic from a nostalgia point of view. The games now play at 1080p 60 Frames per second and it feels and looks fantastic! Included with the collection is all the DLC for the games. It’s well worth the replay since the original Bioshock game out over nine years ago! Grab some vigor and take on Rapture!


You know all those Candy Crush and Farmville requests your mom sends you, it may be time to accept those. With the Holiday season only weeks away it’s time to remember why we’re here. Try to play some games with your parents or siblings, spend time with your family. Even bust out those old school NES game that you all used to play.

That’s all I have for you guys this week. Now it’s time for the big news! I’m being featured on the Podcast GameTimeBros. We’re recording tonight and it should be available sometime soon afterwards. I’ll link the podcast in an article of its own. This is gonna be a fun listen so make sure to stay tuned for it. Make sure to go outside for at least 3 minutes a day to ensure that you get some fresh air! Enjoy the games everyone and stay classy!

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