September 20 sees an odd mix of new Blu-ray & DVD releases. It’s quite the eclectic group of new releases I had come my way.

bluebloodsseason6First we have Blue Bloods Season Six. This is one of my mom’s favorite shows and her and my dad watch it every Friday night. I’ve seen some episodes before, but this is the first time I’ve watched a full season on DVD. It’s not as racy as NYPD Blue, but it’s a solid police procedural. Episodes in season six range from a possible terror threat after a Middle East attack, a reporter is a target after a ride-along which makes them think all cops are targets, a Steve McQueen “Bullitt” Mustang is stolen, one of Danny’s ex-partners is accused of planting evidence which gets Danny investigated, Whoopi Goldberg becomes the Speaker of NY City Council, a serial killer gets personal with Danny, and the finale rips from the headlines when a cop shoots a teen but isn’t indicted. Not groundbreaking TV, but still worth a watch if you like the series.

DeadInDriveInSecond we have Dead-End Drive In. I had never heard of this film from 1986 just now hitting Blu-ray. It’s an Australian movie that almost feels like a Mad Max prequel. It’s a post-apocalyptic film that takes a turn I didn’t know about. At first you think it’s just a near future, bad guys running the streets, cops out after them type of movie, but then the lead and his girlfriend go to a drive-in to see a movie. Unbeknownst to them, the drive-in is a camp for bad kids and deviants and they can’t leave after two of their tires are stolen. Crabs, the lead, wants out and plans ways of escaping, but his girlfriend Carmen likes living there with other people, being fed, not having to work and having fun. It’s quite an odd movie. It’s very 1980s stylistically. It looks like a future people from the 80s would think was cool and it sounds like that as well. Think of the future “looks” of Back to the Future, these people are similarly dressed. The action sequences at the end are pretty cool, but I don’t know if it’s a film I’d watch again. I’m sure there’s someone out there dying to get it on Blu-ray because it does look really good in HD.

bobhopeNext is Thanks for the Memories: The Bob Hope Specials. This six DVD set is pretty sweet if you’re a Bob Hope fan. To me, there’s very few things more American than Bob Hope. Decades later, his USO tours and Christmas specials are still funny and timely. The man is an all time great entertainer. This features 13 digitally restored and unedited specials including his first studio special with Jack Benny, Bing Crosby and Janet Leigh. It has the 1968 Christmas Special and one of his last specials, Laughing with the Presidents. As a nerd my favorite bit in all of it is the Star Wars spoof. The Bob Hope Chevy Special had the entire cast of I Love Lucy. Although the best of the bloopers is worth the price alone. In that you get some legendary names like Burt Reynolds, Don Rickles, Sammy Davis Jr., Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne and more. This also has his 1967 USO tour which is something I always like watching. I always loved his USO stuff. As a bonus you get Shanks for the Memory which features his love of golf. Bing Crosby, Arnold Palmer, Gerald Ford, Jack Nicklaus and more can be seen in that. This is a must own for Bob Hope fans.

midsomersmurdersFourth we have Midsomer Murders Series 18. Series 18 is six episodes all with standalone mysteries. It’s also the last episodes to have Gwilym Lee as Neil Dudgeon’s partner. The show is pretty good and reminds me of other British/European crime procedurals like Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis and Vera (which I got hooked on recently). Episodes range from a landowner’s body going missing, a forest ranger dying in a possible UFO tie-in, a cyclist being murdered after winning a race, a murder in a park, bones being discovered and an archeologist being buried alive and a horse owner being trampled to death by his own horse. If you like British crime dramas, you’ll get sucked in easily with this one. I look forward to watching previous episodes now. The Brits always get me!

twinpeaksFifth is Twin Peaks The Original Series, Fire Walk with Me & The Missing Pieces box set. This comes out just in time to get people excited for the new episodes coming our way in 2017. Twin Peaks is a mix bag here at The Nerds Templar. Asst. Editor Rocky Maxwell loved it and is amped for the new season. I was too young to understand it when it first aired and never saw the need to try it as an adult until now. Watching it now I guess I get why people got hooked on it. It’s odd and has strange characters, but the actual storyline makes you want to keep watching. You want to figure it out. Sure by now most people know the story or at least what they gave us as information. Did we really get all the answers? No and Rocky Maxwell is hoping the new season finally gives us some. The show would become part of TV and pop culture history with the little person in the red outfit dance becoming legendary. I don’t know what I’m missing that makes everyone love this so much, but I understand the draw to it more now. The Missing Pieces is nearly 90 minutes of deleted/alternate scenes so fans will like that. This Blu-ray box set is a must own for fans because it’s all been beautifully remastered for HD picture and sound.

maichansdailylifeLast we have Mai-Chan’s Daily Life The Movie Bloody Carnal Residence. This is based on shocking manga by Uziga Waita. Wow is this pretty nuts. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I certainly wasn’t expecting a 63 minute Lesbian cannibal movie. A man in a wheelchair hires maids to clean up his place and then some. One has an ability to heal all injuries like Deadpool and the new maid falls for her. She then starts eating her, chopping her up, ripping into her and eating her insides all while the man in the wheelchair and his wife watch. It’s bizarre yet fascinating to watch. It’s extremely well made, looks great on Blu-ray, but certainly isn’t for everyone. I watch a lot of Asian cinema, but I wasn’t prepared for this. If you are familiar with it, buy it though.

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