America’s favorite misfit geniuses are back! Elyes Gabel stars as the leader of Scorpion, a team of prodigies who use their intellect to solve the world’s deadliest problems. Also starring Robert Patrick as tough-as-nails Homeland Security agent Cabe Gallo, and Katharine McPhee as Paige, a former waitress who interprets the “normal” world for the team, while they help her understand her withdrawn, genius son. Includes all 24 episodes from the show’s unforgettable second season.


What We Thought:

Scorpion is a show a I didn’t watch right away, but my mom did. She got me to try the first season after it aired. I liked it overall, but didn’t watch the second season till it hit my desk.

Overall it fits CBS’ tried and true formula, but with a slight twist, it actually skews younger. Most of the network’s procedurals have older characters for an older audience, but this has young genius types with odd personalities and quirks. Not quite The Big Bang Theory odd, but more useful to the plot than just pandering to a crowd making fun of nerds.

Season two starts with the team being reunited because a Russian satellite is heading towards California. They head to Cuba, Sylvester heads to prison, three team members end up in a submarine in following episodes. My favorite episode is when they crash the set of a superhero movie in Kazakhstan. Other episodes deal with Megan’s condition getting worse, a dam is about to break on Christmas Even, Sylvester deals with his estranged father when a World War II weapon is discovered, an Earthquake hits LA.

Another good episode is when Sylvester ends up on The Price is Right. The team must break into Fort Knox. They must also deal with an old reactor in Chernobyl.

The cast is eclectic enough to work for me. Katherine McPhee plays a mom who helps the team while they teach her how to deal with her genius son. I’m glad she’s just a normal person because I don’t think I could buy into her being part of the team itself.

If you never gave Scorpion a try, try it now. It’s better than I expected it because I wrote it off as just another CBS one-hour drama. It’s a lot more fun than the other shows. With Limitless not coming back, I’ll probably stick with Scorpion.


Cast & Crew:

  • Robert Patrick
  • Eddie Kaye Thomas
  • Katharine McPhee
  • Elyes Gabel
  • Jadyn Wong
  • Ari Stidham
  • Riley B. Smith

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  • CSI: Cyber

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