Halloween Party –  Erin, hot, smart and single, is desperately trying to find a normal guy. She reluctantly agrees hallo partyto come to her friends’ party. Dressed as a “stud finder” she is trying to find the love of her life at this crazy swinging Halloween Party. The prowling pirate, the sexy nurse, the hairy wolf man, the down to earth cave girl, the dueling strippers, the cops and S&M types, and even a half-naked Sarah Palin are all trying to find some quick steamy action. The only guy that seems normal to Erin is someone dressed as a homeless man who smells like sh*t! Hidden cameras everywhere will catch the guests off guard in the most kinky situations in this Halloween’s wildest time! Enter the Halloween Party if you dare and leave all inhibitions on the doorstep.

I am not sure what to say about this movie, Hell, I have no idea what it is even about. I am not even sure what genre it is supposed to be! Not really any jokes or humor to make it a comedy, not enough dramatic moments to call it a drama. And despite the synopsis promising “kinky situations”, there are none to be had (they are only vaguely hinted at), there isn’t really even any nudity! So it definitely isn’t some kind of  erotica or softcore film. All I can say about it is the footage quality wasn’t great, but I have definitely seen worse. The acting wasn’t really good. And the writing was obviously not good at all, as the genre, or really even the point of the movie doesn’t even come across. I really don’t recommend this one. There is no point to this movie, and no point to watching it.


serial-killer21st Century Serial KillerAaron Schwartz has one big dream…to become famous – REALLY famous so he’s figured out the surefire way to achieve his dream, becoming an infamous serial killer. The one big problem is: he can’t kill a fly. After years of failed attempts, Aaron surrenders into a comfortable marriage and the obligatory mind numbing job, steadily losing hope for his lifelong aspiration. But with news of a real serial killer on the loose in his hometown, Aaron sees a unique opportunity and his final chance to make his childhood dream into a reality. Perhaps he can use his obsessive knowledge of serial killers to track down the local murderer and learn from the best. Then again, maybe some dreams just aren’t meant to be achieved.

21st Century Serial Killer (also known as Killing Me) is a witty and entertaining dark comedy, brought to us by Henry Weintraub, who is probably best known for the film Melvin. It is very satirical, making fun of the fact serial killers become so well-known in our culture, as well as making fun of the daily grind of life. I also found it funny that while our main character is trying to figure out how to kill and become a famous serial killer, when his wife mentions she wants to become a writer he acts like that is a ridiculous goal. There is one part in the film where a bunch of killings happen all at once, in the same night, and that part is so funny in such a wrong way. The film was really well written, and the acting is pretty good. The DVD also comes with a bunch of special features, which I always like. One thing that bugged me was the fact they did ADR for the whole movie, and at times it is very noticeable, especially in the tighter shots where the camera is close to the actors. I definitely enjoyed this one. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one. Hell, while you’re at it, go check out Melvin too!


The Evil GeneFBI Agent Griff Krenshaw (Richard Speight Jr) is sent to a top-secret prison and research facility Evil Genewhere the U.S. government has segregated federal inmates possessing the so-called “evil gene,” a rare genetic defect that triggers violent, psychotic breakdowns in those who carry it. As Griff attempts to investigate the death of the facility’s head researcher, he becomes convinced that there’s an evil force at work in the prison . . . and it isn’t human.

The Evil Gene is a pretty good debut film, being written and directed by Kathryn F. Taylor, who apparently works as a lawyer. In her first attempt, she manages to do more good than bad. The movie doesn’t run long, and there isn’t much character development, but the plot does still cover some ground, including questions of morality and belief. It isn’t the most solid plot, there are some holes, and it has some stretches, but a lot of it hinges on you taking the pseudo-science based premise as it is. The Evil Gene maintains a spooky atmosphere pretty well throughout the film. There are the typical jump scares. The score was nothing to write home about. The camera work was pretty well done, but relatively textbook. The acting was mostly decent, but even though I like Richard Speight Jr, I am not sure he is quite leading man material. Maybe it was just this role. I am not sure.  Either way, I suggest checking out The Evil Gene (it comes out this month on VOD and DVD). It gets more right than wrong, and is a great first film by Kathryn F. Taylor. I am curious to see what she does as she gains more experience.


SpagettSpaghetti Man–  Clark doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about the world. He barely cares about himself. But after an incident with an old bowl of spaghetti and a malfunctioning microwave, he becomes a superhero that can fight crime with the power of spaghetti. However, you have to pay him.

Spaghetti Man is a hilarious, low-budget film that pokes fun at superhero movies, especially origin ones. The spoofing starts before the movie even does, with a very poor version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe opening credits logo, where the comic book pages being flipped through have been replaced by crappy black and white hand drawings that are little more than stick figures. The music to accompany this is done by mouth ala Beavis and Butthead. That had me literally laughing out loud.  From there we are introduced to our “hero”, who is kind of a terrible person. Gaining super powers only make him worse. The scenes of him rescuing and helping people, followed by him trying to get paid are really funny. The plot is ridiculous, but well-executed. There was no after-credits sequence, which I feel was a missed opportunity, as it would have taken the spoofing of Marvel films to the next level. Overall, I definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one, go and see it, as it hits some theaters and VOD this month!


droppingevilDropping Evil wants to be as smart as The Cabin in the Woods, unfortunately it’s nowhere near as entertaining as that film. Three friends get a Christian nutjob to go camping with them, but before they get there, they drop LSD in his apple juice. The drug makes him see things he’s never seen before and he starts killing them. But there’s a twist, a corporation is watching the entire thing! It’s a Cabin rip off, but it’s poorly acted and not very good. The good Christian boy has tattoos on his arm and there’s no way he would do that to himself. The girls are annoying. The ending is just ridiculous The corporation has one of their own in the fight and he has a gun in his head? Am I remembering that right? Literally in his head. The Christian guy bothered me and someone thought this movie was really smart and clever. It’s not.


sweetleafNext is Sweet Leaf. The best word to describe this is generic. The actors are terrible and I don’t know if the plot really made sense. I didn’t get the one scene in the car with them head nodding and skulls or heads being superimposed. Every actor and piece of dialogue is generic. There’s a bald bad guy. There’s cheesy lines. We’ve seen two stoners smoking their own stash and coming up with a plan to pay off the dealer before. The soundtrack is heavy industrial/rock, but even that is pretty boring and again, generic. I wanted to like this. I tend to like lower end action movies, but this didn’t work for me.


nightofthelivingdeadreanimatedNight of the Living Dead Reanimated is a shot for shot remake of George A. Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead made with various forms of animation. This is pretty cool actually. Romero’s film is public domain so you can do anything you want with it. The makers of this took all kinds of animation and pieced together a new animated version of the film. There’s standard hand drawn, stop-motion, CG, pencil drawings, charcoal, all kinds of animations. Nearly 150 artists around the world chose their favorite scene and remade it in their medium whether oil painting, comic book style or sock puppets. Yup, even sock puppets! If you like the original film, you should give this a try.


afuckloadofscotchtapeFinally we have A F**kload of Scotch Tape. I really wanted to like this, but man did I not get this one. Why did the lead actor bust out in song? If he wasn’t gay, why did he always have male figures around him? Why should we care about him in the slightest when he wasn’t a good person? Sure he had a crappy childhood, but robbing gay men isn’t cool. The actor singing all the time made no sense to me. I didn’t get the point of that. Honestly, it took me out of the movie. The violence was pretty decent. There’s a couple of good fight sequences or at least people getting beat up. There should have been better nudity between the sex scenes and strip club. I just plain didn’t get the point of this one. It was well shot though, I will give it that.

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