Over the weekend I tried my hand at Battlefield 1, and man was I surprised. Normally I’m not big into realistic shooters, that’s why I’ve never enjoyed games like Call of Duty or Battlefield. As I booted up the Battlefield 1 beta, I tried to keep an open mind although I can admit I was a little biased. I’m more of a Halo and Destiny kinda guy, but I was curious. Horses, tanks, old school planes, what more could a guy ask for? As a match was loading, I was reminded of the horrors I experienced in Battlefield 4. I played BF4 for a total of two hours with a total of 3 kills and 23 deaths. I swore to myself never to go through that again, but there I was, about to play the latest edition to the Battlefield franchise.

Once i jumped into a match, I just watched the carnage unfold. I ran to the roof of a building nearby, and I just watched. I saw planes crash into cliffs, tanks advanced on to check points. A sandstorm was coming in, my visibility dropped dramatically. I knew tanks were nearby, but I couldn’t see them, so I hid on top of the roof. This was a very intense first impression. I knew the enemy was close, I knew they were in tanks and I knew that I couldn’t save the objective, so, like Forrest Gump, I ran. I felt like I was really there and that the situation was truly hopeless. The immersion factor was one of the many pleasant surprises that I encountered among my time with the Battlefield 1.

Will I be picking up Battlefield 1 in October? Yeah, this beta did what the previous games couldn’t, it got me to enjoy a realistic shooter. I realize that I didn’t delve as deep as I normally do when it comes to reviews and first impressions with this article, that’s because there’s not too much to say regarding it. The sound was realistic, the graphics were amazing and the game play was solid! If you haven’t thought about getting Battlefield 1, I recommend you give it a try when it releases in October!

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