Stream Me Up Scotty is a series here at The Nerds Templar that focuses on films/shows you can watch on various streaming services. They might be projects that are exclusive to those services or just films/shows that recently started streaming. (We are nerds, we ripped off Roddenberry, but you try coming up with a catchy title using streaming that doesn’t sound like porn!)

black out

While perusing Netflix recently I came across a movie called Black Out (not to be confused with similarly titled Blackout, which is a completely different kind of movie), and it seemed interesting. Netflix tells me: On the eve of his wedding, Jos wakes up with a corpse in his bed and not a clue as to how it got there in this crime thriller. I thought that sounded like it could be good, and I was not disappointed.

The description they give really doesn’t cover the half of it. While there are some crime thriller aspects to it, that is selling it a little short. Black Out is more of a somewhat over-the-top dark comedy/hyperlink film. Watching it feels like watching the love child of Snatch, and Dude Where’s My Car, with Crank as a live-in uncle, and Smokin’ Aces as an occasional babysitter.

I will say Black Out starts a little slow, but it picks up really fast. We are treated to many moments of levity, some drama, some brief moments of action and violence, and a bunch of odd, wild, and crazy characters, while the interconnected stories and plot unfold in Jos’ pursuit of what happened.

The film looks great. Some interesting camera setups were used. It was pretty well written, and I really enjoyed some of the dialogue. Most of the acting was good. Raymond Thiry as Jos was fantastic! Black Out is from the Netherlands, so the movie is subtitled in English, with the audio itself in Dutch, so it feels like there are some things that have been lost in transition. This doesn’t keep it from being an enjoyable and fun watch. Despite the fact it looks like this film seems like it has not been received well by English-speaking critics, it has also been nominated for awards, and you can find favorable words about it out there, so take it all as you will. I however, recommend this one.

Notable Cast And Crew:

  • Raymond Thiry
  • Renee Fokker
  • Bas Keijzer
  • Simon Armstrong
  • Arne Toonen

Recommended If You Like:

  • Crank
  • Snatch
  • Dude Where’s My Car
  • Smoking Aces

Where to find it:


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