SinnersNightAll Sinner’s Night A reporter’s wife committed suicide on Halloween one year prior, and he suspects a Satanic cult is actually responsible for it and other strange deaths. As Halloween approaches, a twisted cult of masked killers preys on the small town to kidnap and sacrifice 5 victims – one for each point of the pentagram.

After a kind of neat opening sequence, the film slows down, and meanders around, trying to blindly find its way back to the plotline. There are some interesting, violent scenes, but then some deaths are edited around, so they kind happen off-screen. I feel like with a film like this, we want all the violent and bloody deaths! We see lots of strange characters, typical of a small town in a horror film, but too many were added in with no purpose. The plus side of these, is they are used for a few good cameos, like John Dugan (AKA Grandpa from Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Despite its many flaws, technical and otherwise, All Sinner’s Night is not a bad watch, and is set to a pretty good soundtrack. Also, there is some nudity, but not enough for that to be the sole reason to see it. I wouldn’t say stay away from this one, but I can’t exactly encourage you to watch it either.

BlackwatercreekBlack Water Creek Detective Shaw and Willis are called to Black Water Creek to investigate a string of serial killings. Someone or something is killing people and driving locals into paranoid delusions with eyewitnesses saying it’s a Sasquatch. The detectives soon learn that some legends are better left alone.

This film is more of a mystery with horror elements. It lacks any real good gore or violence. The fact it was made on a lower budget was a little too obvious. Black Water Creek tries to tell a story with several facets, and is inconsistent with its success in doing so. I found it interesting how the movie didn’t really show the small town residents as the stereotypical redneck types that you would normally see in a movie like this. The performances by the cast are varied, but none really stand out as being especially bad, or especially good.  The mystery part of this movie is at least somewhat interesting, and it at least didn’t have the most predictable resolution I’ve seen. Although the plot had some holes the size of sasquatch’s foot! Overall, while watching this, I enjoyed more than I didn’t, but its problems are painfully obvious.

5years5 Years After The Fall –  After an industrial disaster, the world’s food and water supplies are contaminated. The rich retreat into fortified cities where life goes on, undisturbed by the starving masses outside their walls. Jacob, an idealistic citizen, takes refuge  in an abandoned house where he stumbles on a warlord’s fortified cache of weapons and must fight for his life against humans turned savage.

The cover art for this depicts zombies. I have no idea why, zombies are not seen, nor really even hinted at in this film. Right away that was points against this film for me. The film did end up being a neat little dystopian film, in a quasi-post-apocalyptic setting. The low-budget is obvious in this one, but they mostly did well to work with it. The acting is all over the map, but there are a few decent performances. It has loads of gore and violence, although sadly, some of it is really bad CGI gore. Some of that gore and violence are brought about by decent little action sequences The writing could have used some fine-tuning, at times it felt like it was shot on the first draft of the script.  I think one of the things I really liked, is unlike a lot of other films in this kind of setting, 5 Years After The Fall is not about a grand scheme. There is no fight to save humanity, or save the world, or even to save a group of people, it is all about the survival of individuals. I recommend this one. Especially if you are interested in lower budget dystopian films, or movies with lots of violence (even if it is poorly executed).  Just don’t be expecting there to be zombies.

Bloody indulgetnThe Bloody IndulgentAfter killing a strip club owner, Burt, an indulgent vampire with a zest for life hides out at an upscale drug den until strippers seeking revenge and zombies face off for a final showdown.

I expected this movie to be a ridiculous spectacle, and it was. What I didn’t expect was for it to be a musical, which it also was, and that was a nice surprise. I love dark or offbeat musicals. Some of the music in this one is pretty good, although, I will admit, there are a couple of songs that aren’t at the same level as some of the better ones in here.  Most of the performances were at least decent, and former Backstreet Boy Kevin Scott Richardson was better than I was anticipating. Although casting a former pop star/boy band member still seems an odd choice to play a vampire in a dark/offbeat rock-opera style musical. The plot was a little wonky, but I feel in the case of musicals, you have to overlook a little. The film is pretty unique, I enjoyed it. I  recommend it.

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