If you’re like me, you pre-ordered World of Warcraft: Legion just to play the new Demon Hunter class before everyone else. Unlike me, you’ve probably been playing for the past six years. I started my World of Warcraft adventure way back in 2009 and stopped after I had slain the Lich king, but now I’m back to kill demons and eat Hot Pockets, and I’m all out of Hot Pockets (but Amazon Prime is a wonderful thing.) Blizzard is pulling out all the stops this time around, world events in the form of invasions, scenarios on the new playable area, Demon Hunters accessible before the full expansion and more quests. There’s just so much to do with only 12 days, at the time of this writing, to do it.


Let’s start with the green Fel-blooded elephant in the room, Demon Hunters. Demon Hunters are elves who have harnessed demonic fel magic to gain power and fight the legion while serving under Illidan Stormrage, the first Demon Hunter. IF you like mobility, high damage, simplistic attack rotation, and awesome green tattoos, this is your class. As soon as I customized my character and hit “Create” I was Welcome to the Black Temple by none other than THE Illidan Stormrage. The reason this scene resonated with me is because the cinematic takes place as a raid team is storming the temple, just as I do every week. As soon as I arrive to the Burning Legion’s world of Mardum I knew this was going to be a hard fought battle, I took my warglaives and started questing. After the initial two or three starting quests, I was completely Immersed. The story was character driven and action packed. The learning curve for my new found main character was almost non existent. The tone was dark and the server was packed glaive to glaive as I fought against the legion with my new brethren, only being booted from the server three times (not including where I couldn’t get in for an hour).

Are Demon Hunters worth pre-ordering Legion? Alone, no. It’s great getting a jump start but the experience is over in two hours and then you just farm Black Temple hoping for those sweet, legendary warglaives, which I got the main hand one on my first try. The only thing more awkward than Demon Hunter with only one Warglaive of Azzinoth is trying to stand out in Stormwind among the literal hundreds of Demon Hunters. The real reason to pre-order Legion is the FREE level 100 booster. Any character you have or make can instantly be boosted to level 100. I used mine on my Pandaren Monk, no regrets. (Send hate mail to press@hillaryclinton.com.) Although now I just play my new Demon Hunter. Should you pre-order World of Warcraft: Legion? Yes, It’s actually fiscally irresponsible not to. Normally a level 100 character boost is $60.00, the expansion will run you a mere $50.00 and give you one for free, no reason not to buy it.

Now, let’s talk Broken Shore. The newest scenario takes place on the Broken Shore, the horde and alliance are working together in order to stop the legion before they gain any sort of foothold. This scenario puts you right in the action with other players and is non stop combat. It’s great fighting alongside not just the other faction, but iconic leaders such as King Varian Wrynn, Jaina Proudmoore, Sylvanas Windrunner and *Insert other horde peeps*  (For the Alliance) There was a moment of unity during the scenario between the two factions where they united for a boss fight. It was probably the best feeling I’ve experienced in my second go of World of Warcraft. It’s worth noting that the experience was laggy FOR ME, but your results may vary. In my next World of Warcraft Post, presumably in the week following the launch of Legion (I need time to fuel my World of Warcraft addiction) I will be dropping some spoiler bombs on the scenario and its ending cut-scene, which was possibly the most effing badass thing I’ve even seen in the wonderful World of Warcraft.

While we invaded the Broken Shore, The Burning Legion was invading Azeroth. In sporadic locations across Azeroth, once you see hellfire rain down from the sky and see that the clouds are green with fel, ready your weapons and prepare to fight alongside your fellow adventures. The Burning Legion has come and it’s everyone’s job to push them back. This event is fun, you get rewards for killing demons and you can get currency to buy more gear from the limited time vendor. I’m not too blown away by the invasions to be honest, but I have fun with them if I happen to be in the area. I would just spam my auto attack and fel rush with my Demon Hunter.

When I logged on this week I was welcomed by Khadgar’s servant, telling me to go to Dalaran, I was excited. I loved Dalaran back In Wrath of The Lich King, and now it’s relevant again! CUE PARTY STREAMERS! Once I found Khadgar (Or Dadgar as I hear him be called) I began a quest spanning two old raids. It was a great time walking through Ulduar not raiding but just killing demons and setting the stage for Legion. I will admit however, that the later Karazhan stage of the quest is bugged and won’t let me load into Karazhan. Once I can get back in, I’m sure it’ll be a great stroll through memory lane.

While I was kinda excited for Legion before, I’m now the conductor of the hype train (Choo Choo mother effer’s.) Blizzard has done a wonderful job setting the tone for this new expansion. I care about the character’s respective roles in the story now. I’m invested into my newly found passion of being a Demon Hunter while being excited to kill demons, eat Hot Pockets and maybe even drink a soft drink (or 87) and enjoy the full glory of what World of Warcraft: Legion has to offer. Look forward to my review of the actual expansion in coming weeks and enjoy your ride on they hype train. (Snacks will be served shortly, don’t forget to tip your waitress). 

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