Twenty-two year old Tory Coro gets involved in an underground fighting ring in a rough section of Camden, NJ. When her bruised and beaten body is found and abandoned in the woods, rumors begin to swirl that Tory died in Fight Valley, an unofficial neighborhood where fighters go to earn money.

Tory’s sister Windsor moves to town to start her own investigation. Jabs (Miesha Tate), a respected fighter turned gym owner, agrees to train Windsor as she prepares to come face to face with Tory’s killer and fight for justice.


What We Thought:

I want to start this review by saying, every film I watch to review, I try and find good things to talk about. Even if I have criticisms, critiques or otherwise negative things to say, I like being able to have something good to say too.  Some movies just make it so hard to do that. Fight Valley is definitely one of them.

The production value is not very good. In fact, according to IMDB this movie had a $27 million budget! I hope that is wrong, because I would have a hard time believing this film even cost a fraction of that, unless the 3 well known MMA fighters in it got VERY overpaid. The camera work was mostly sub-par. The dialogue was not great (although some of the problem was definitely the delivery of said dialogue). The plot was a weird mix of too simplistic, but with parts that were too convoluted. The ending was unsatisfying, and reveals a head scratching plot twist. And I don’t mean like, it made me think and ponder the film, I mean, it didn’t really make sense, and made things from earlier in the film make less sense.

Any positives I can state about this film are mixed at best. Like, there are a couple good fights, but a lot of the fighting looks terrible. There are a couple decent performances, but most of the performances are terrible. There is some really good music, but there is some music that is not so good. Also, pet peeve of mine, I dislike “in memory of” credits that don’t actually relate to the production. This one has two of them.

Really, besides some lesbian sex and a little nudity, there is nothing I can state that is completely positive.
I don’t really recommend this one. Low budget MMA/fight movies are pretty common. This one brings nothing to the table, besides the female cast.

Notable Cast & Crew:

  • Holly Holm
  • Miesha Tate
  • Cris Cyborg
  • Rob Hawk
  • Kari J. Cramer
  • Erin O’Brien

Recommended If You Like:

  • MMA Movies
  • Holly Holm
  • Miesha Tate
  • Cris Cyborg

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