Ghostbusters makes its long-awaited return, rebooted with a cast of hilarious new characters. Thirty years after the beloved original franchise took the world by storm, director Paul Feig brings his fresh take to the supernatural comedy, joined by some of the funniest actors working today – Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth. This summer, they’re here to save the world!

Ghostbusters (1)

What We Thought: 

Is Ghostbusters the abomination the internet expected? No. Does that mean it’s good? Not really.

The biggest problem with the film is, it’s not that funny. It’s more of today’s humor than classic humor styling. It’s quick jokes and situations that you either find funny or you don’t. I don’t. Kristen Wiig at one point grabs a table so she can’t be pulled out of a restaurant and she squirms as security tries to remove her. If you think that’s funny, good for you. Again, I don’t. I might have smirked or had a laugh or two, but it lacks big time laughs to me.

I’m actually a big fan of Wiig’s too. Same for Melissa McCarthy. I thought Bridesmaids was hilarious and I own it on DVD. I think Wiig’s film The Skeleton Twins is one of the most underrated movies of the past few years. Same for McCarthy’s St. Vincent (which she’s fantastic in). So you can go ahead and pump the brakes on calling me sexist just for not liking this.

I can admit I don’t really know Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones beyond Saturday Night Live though. The four of them do what they can with what they are given in the film, but unfortunately it just didn’t have laugh out loud moments to me.

One of my other issues with the film is it’s all CGI and fake looking. I understand that most films today are CGI heavy, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. I like old-fashioned make up and practical effects and this is mostly CGI especially the Times Square scene with all the ghosts. You know none of that is real besides the actors in it.

Chris Hemsworth definitely threw himself into the comedy world as Kevin. He gets laughs (maybe more than the leads) as the dumb, but good-looking secretary. A lot of reviews are saying he steals the film which is kind of funny because A) he’s not a comedic actor and B) the movie’s leads are comedic actresses.

The third act seems really rushed too. The film is about 2 hours long, but it feels choppy at times. At one point Wiig’s character is separate from the group and is studying a book. The other 3 members are together and it seems to be missing a sequence explaining why they aren’t together. Sure the government tells them they can’t go public with it being real, but there seems to be a piece missing with Wiig’s character. She joins up with them in the big finale which happens so quick. There’s sort of an explanation of how all the ghosts are released, but again it feels rushed and choppy.

I saw the film with a bunch of Ghostbusters cosplayers and they seemed to like it. The theater also had regular movie goers and the movie didn’t get much of a response. It got some laughs, but reactions to surprise cameos were pretty flat. You can probably guess what those cameos are if you don’t know already.

Ghostbusters was sort of in a lose/lose situation. Its trailer has the most “unlikes” in YouTube history and internet trolls have crushed it since the announcement of an all female reboot. It had to be groundbreaking and genre changing to live up to the hype/hate and it’s neither. It’s not unwatchable or terrible, but it’s nothing more than a perfectly serviceable summer movie. It’s not the classic the original was, but it will make money because the leads have fans and people will see it just to see if it’s good or bad. It will have a sequel and the after credits scene leads itself to a sequel. I didn’t love it. I don’t think I hated it. It is what it is I guess.

Cast & Crew

  • Kristen Wiig
  • Melissa McCarthy
  • Kate McKinnon
  • Leslie Jones
  • Paul Feig
  • Chris Hemsworth

Recommended If You Like:

  • The Heat
  • Bridesmaids
  • The Original Ghostbusters (I guess)

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