The Flirting Club – Jamie is 29 going on 12. A loser and a virgin to boot, he has one month to meet a real girl, otherwise he has to marry Laura “the human pig” from next door, a marriage set up by his parents. He’s hampered by his best mate Bill, stuck with a schoolboy infatuation for his smoking hot boss,  has two left feet, and zero dating skills, until an accidental encounter with his local flirting club gives him hope.

This is a charming and entertaining little film. The lead who plays Jamie is a good combination of the right qualities for a film like this, and I am surprised I haven’t at least seen him in more indie films. In general, all the acting in this one is all over the place. That is because this film was cast over the internet, with voting being done to determine who would get the roles. I think that is an interesting idea. While the film doesn’t have great production value, and the story doesn’t exactly break the mold, it manages to entertain  and bring some laughs. This movie is definitely worth the watch.


Community College – Community College is a crazy love story between four dudes and their ability to get free drinks. When their beloved dive bar is about to close its doors forever, it’s up to four dopey, alcoholic, bar flies to save it. With the genius plan of actually completing their last few college credits to cash in on a windfall of money from congratulatory greeting cards from friends and family, our heroes embark on an “educational” journey of a lifetime.

This college comedy suffers from its obvious (in a bad way) low budget and mostly-unlikable characters with lack of development. A lot of the jokes fall short or don’t have a good pay-off. Sometimes there is vulgarity just for the sake of vulgarity. The movie is built from a very familiar premise, a group of friends trying to raise money to save their favorite place. That has been done so many times in low budget and college comedies, it is easy to get into the movie. Their final plan for trying to raise the money is definitely a different idea however. The movie ends with the wrap-up typical of this kind of film, where it tells you what happened to the characters after. I love those and that was one of the times I laughed the most. The best part of the film are the cameos, Scotty Schwartz (A Christmas Story), Rich Cronin (LFO, VH1’s Punk Laptop Rapper), The Reverend Bob Levy (The Howard Stern Show), Michael Ray Bower (Salute Your Shorts), and even pro-wrestler THE BLUE MEANIE! The way they handle the cameos is great, with not-so-subtle references to who the cameos are, or what they are known for. Also, the DVD has TONS of special features. I would suggest checking this movie out if you get the chance, but I wouldn’t recommend going out of the way to see it.


Nacho Mountain – Keefer has a talent. He can eat…. A LOT. But it’s not until after getting fired from his job, and almost getting arrested that Keefer decides to start an underground food eating competition. After the health crazed Mayor Fingstal and his cronies Officers Slivjack and Biggsley catch wind of it, all hell breaks loose. Then it all comes down to one final food battle from hell, THE NACHO MOUNTAIN!

Nacho Mountain is a very fun and entertaining film. It feels like a raunchier version of a typical late 80’s to mid 90’s, low budget, direct-to-video comedy. I would be hard pressed to actually call Nacho Mountain a good movie though. The production value is bad, the acting isn’t great, it is just overall poorly made. BUT there is just something about it. It is a lot of fun. I found myself laughing a lot. And really, isn’t laughter and entertainment what a comedy should really be about? The lead character is goofy and funny, and his good friend, named after a Willow character, Meegosh, is great! I definitely recommend this movie. Its weaknesses are more than outweighed by the humor, outrageous characters, total ridiculousness, and sheer entertainment value.


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