For the latest batch of horror flicks we have a horror icon’s turn behind the camera, a 1st person shooter, girls and the weekend and more. This week Ken Murray and Rocky Maxwell are taking turns with the reviews.

HotelInfernoFirst we have Hotel Inferno. This is the first horror 1st person shooter ever made (at least that’s the claim and I believe it). I call it Horror Hardcore Henry. That’s the easiest comparison. Both are 1st person shot and both have a lot of killing. Henry is an action flick where this is more a slasher. Overall I dug it. There’s some really good gore and effects. There’s lots of blood, lots of stabbing, lots of faces getting blown off. Basically everything I like/want in a slasher flick. It has a lot more plot than I expected and I don’t know if I really understood the whole concept, but I’m ok with that. I watched it for the violence and gore and got a lot of violence and gore. I was impressed with the effects. It’s a good mix of practical and make up effects with post production CGI. I’m not a big fan of CGI, especially in horror, so I appreciate a film that still uses make up, latex and other practical effects. I’m pretty sure all the voices have been dubbed into English or at least it seems that way. It’s a solid new twist on slasher flicks and I support any new subgenre of horror that isn’t shaky cam/found footage paranormal garbage. I don’t know if I’d like to see a flood of 1st person shot films, but this is a good subgenre starter.

ModelHungerNext we have Model Hunger directed by horror icon Debbie Rochon. There’s some things I like about it, some I don‘t. It has some good kills and gore which of course is what I liked. Unfortunately I don’t think it gets passed being just another “weird neighbor” type horror flick. It’s the classic horror/thriller story of new people moving in next door and trying to figure out the weird old lady in one house and the old guy in the other. Ok so there’s cannibalism involved and she isn’t just weird, but it feels like just another house across the street, on a haunted hill type movie. Lynn Lowry is very good as Ginny so it’s sort of a shame the movie isn’t a bit better. I also didn’t understand the TV show everyone was watching. That went completely over my head. And I know there’s a message about beauty and being tossed aside, but to me it really is the neighbor/weird person next door story. The kills are good though and that kept me watching.


girlsI tried really hard to find something good to say about All Girl’s Weekend. I just couldn’t. The movie is really just a lesser version of Descent, layered over a plot that I am pretty sure I have already seen in another film. There was pretty much no effects. No real gore. The shots and the editing were all so average and standard, nothing new offered there. The acting was terrible and one girl talked like she had a mouth full of marbles, with most of her dialogue barely understandable. I can’t even compliment Jamie Bernadette in this one, her acting was almost as wooden as the rest of the “performances” in this. It makes me wonder if it was a directing issue. Although the dialogue wasn’t anything special, so maybe that hurt the performances. And, finally,  in a low budget horror movie, with a cast full of women, there is no nudity. I can’t recommend this one.

AwakenAwaken The Devil follows the homeless Dopple brothers. One of them is wheelchair-bound mute Vernon, and the other is a junkie named Tom. When they break into a building for the night, they end up with evil forces trying to use them for sinister purposes. The film looks really cool, with a combination of live action and animated footage, with most citizens in the city being animated shadows, forcing us to really pay attention to the brothers. Most of the dialogue in the film is spoken by Tom with Vernon responding via facial reactions and writing on his chalk board. The actor playing Vernon did a good job acting without speaking. The practical effects that were used mostly look real good. Awaken The Devil was kind of slow-paced. I like when a film takes its time, but this was almost too slow to build suspense, and it hindered the story instead of enhancing it.  It was still an interesting watch, and I enjoyed it.

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