slenderFor the latest batch of horror flicks we have some found footage, some cannibalism, some phone sex and some killers in a house. First we’ll start with Slender. Let me state first and foremost, I hate, HATE, found footage films. There’s maybe two I’d ever watch again. I hate the entire genre from The Blair Witch Project onward. Slender is a found footage film. So yes I did not like it. It’s cheap and cheesy filmmaking to me. This is about some people who were making a film, came across a woman on a train that said a man took her children. As they look into her story, they decide to prank her to heighten the story and it’s yet another rip off of the Slender Man story. You sit watching the movie knowing it’s all fake. These are actors pretending to be making a movie and it never once makes you forget it’s 100% fake. Even the end in the school isn’t scary because it’s all fake. None of this happened. Maybe if you like found footage films you might like this, but this was just another generic shaky cam, found footage snooze fest to me.

EvilFeedNext we have Evil Feed which I believe is the first cannibal kung fu horror comedy I’ve ever seen. This accidentally came my way and I’m kind of glad it did. I don’t know if I really liked it, but it’s different and I respect different. It’s an Asian film where a restaurant serves people to people. You can actually watch what you’re about to eat get killed on screen. Martial artists fight and kill captured people and then you get to order what you want to eat. Of course there’s some martial artists that get involved and fight back after some of their friends get taken to the restaurant. It’s kinda funny too. I laughed watching the chefs chopping up the body parts. I laughed at the massage scene which is also pretty bloody and disturbing. Plus there’s martial arts too. Such a bizarre combination, but it definitely gets points for originality. Not sure who I’d recommend it to, but I know there’s others out there that would watch a cannibal kung fu horror comedy.

wherethedevildwellsThird we have Where the Devil Dwells. This gets some points for never quite letting on what is real and what is a figment of the lead’s imagination. A mental patient gets released to house arrest at his family’s old cabin type home. His father was a famous serial killer that spawned a few hit movies. The local cop doesn’t like the house arrest idea and keeps an eye on the guy. The guy also hires an assistant to do his errands since he can’t leave the property. It takes some twists and turns into Satanism and possibly hallucinations and none of the truth comes out till the end which I won’t spoil because it did have a couple of good surprises. It’s not the greatest movie in the world, but for something I had never heard of, it was a decent watch.

SerialKallerLast we have Serial Kaller. Part of me really liked this, part of me was confused. It’s about a killer going around killing people at a phone/video sex company. You can watch girls and call them and get off. The beginning shows a young boy clearly with issues whose mother dies. You expect him to show up in the film especially when the people start getting killed, but there’s a twist. A big twist that I didn’t see coming. I guessed who the murderer was, but yeah, didn’t see the twist coming. I liked that part of it, but something about the film just didn’t work for me too. I think it might have been the acting, maybe. Some of the models at the company weren’t very good actresses so that might be it. It has some good kills and a good twist so it gets recommended, but I can’t put my finger on what needs to be changed to make it really good.

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