Second Viewing is a series here at The Nerds Templar where we discuss a movie we’ve seen before and then watch again for a second time. Maybe we saw it at the theater and then catch it again on DVD or streaming services or maybe it’s a film we watched years ago and view again today to see how it holds up.


Myself and Asst. Editor Rocky Maxwell first watched Sexsquatch: The Legend of Blood Stool Creek back in 2013. We were both writers for a different website and happened to be hanging out when I got the DVD to review. I remember watching it with him and thinking it was terrible, but in that good kind of way, sort of. We both laughed AT it, not WITH it most of the time. It’s pretty awful in every way possible, but you know what? I don’t think a week has gone by in those three years that we haven’t made a reference to the movie.

With a sequel (Sexsquatch 2: Teen Ape Vs. Sexsquatch) hitting DVD in late July, I figured a second viewing of the movie now would be perfect timing. Rocky wasn’t around to watch it with me so the rewatch was completely solo. Watching it again what do I think? It’s still pretty damn terrible, but I understand why we talk about it so much. There’s so much to talk about and reference.

Even though we do talk about the movie, after 3 years, I forgot a lot about it. I totally forgot the one character does a Robert DeNiro impersonation the entire movie and talks about donuts. I forgot the one guy’s fake mullet and moustache. I forgot how creepy the mom was. It’s only 59 minutes long which I did not remember either. I didn’t forget the complete lack of nudity though. With a name like Sexsquatch and multiple women showing cleavage including one with major cleavage, how do you not have nudity of any kind?

Reading my old review I really seemed to crucify the movie. I think now I have a better appreciation for it. It’s still full of terrible acting including two women who should never be on screen again (the mom and Marmalade). It’s still dumb and full of swears and sex jokes. It still has a musical interlude for no apparent reason. It still has a guy who appears and disappears throughout the movie. The actor playing Stinkfist the Sexsquatch is still the best performer in the group and I laugh every time he says butthole.

But I can’t get passed the fact that after three years, we still talk about the movie. There are Hollywood films that had $100+ million budgets that I haven’t talked about or watched again in the previous three years, but I sat down and was happy to rewatch Sexsquatch. It’s a film that looks like it was made by friends at their parents’ lake house and one guy was good at make up and special effects. They got some lady friends to come over and somehow convinced them to act and say stupid things. And somehow it got distribution and now a sequel.

Originally, I didn’t recommend it to anyone, but I’ve told many people about it over the past few years. I think there’s a fandom out there that would accept it and love it. People like Birdemic and those types of movies so there’s people out there who would dig it. There has to be if there’s a second movie coming out.

On a second viewing, Sexsquatch is both better and worse than I remember. It’s worse because I didn’t remember just how bad it was because of how many times I’ve talked about it in the past 3 years. It’s better because reading my original review, I really seemed to pan it back then. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, but there’s a lot of people I know that would watch it now. I’m definitely ready for the sequel.

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