New to Me is a series here at The Nerds Templar where we discuss a film that has been out for a while. It’s most likely available on DVD or streaming services, but it’s our first time seeing it. Hence, it’s “New to Me”!



Someone out there probably thinks Entertainment is the funniest film ever made. That someone is NOT me.

It reminded me of another film I didn’t like that others did, The Comedy. It has a lot of the same people in it and also a lot of the same problems. Tim Heidecker and Rick Alverson had their hands in both and that should have been a warning to me.

The film is about an awful comedian trying to meet up with his estranged daughter while playing a bunch of dead end shows in the Mojave Desert. Gregg Turkington plays the comedian and his comedian character is simply not funny.

I love comedies. I love dark comedies. I love stand up comedy and see live comedians all the time. This movie does not work for me. His stand up act isn’t funny. He’s a miserable person so I didn’t care if anything good came his way.

I think that’s my issue with the film, I could not root for this guy to turn his life around. He’s pretty much an a-hole who rips audiences and doesn’t tell funny jokes. He’s just miserable. He calls audience members names and wonders why no one is paying attention. Plus the clown juggler guy I did not get at all either.

And before you say, well it’s supposed to be dark humor. I know, I still don’t care. I like dark humor. I loved Some Guy Who Kills People, God Bless America, and Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal. The key to dark humor is to still be funny. This isn’t funny.

Just like The Comedy, Entertainment is painfully slow. It’s probably part of this filmmaker’s gimmick, but I don’t like it. I can’t see myself ever watching this again even with John C. Reilly in it. A terrible lead in a snail’s pace film just doesn’t cut it. But I know The Comedy has a cult following so I’m sure this does too. Because of that, it is…


Cast & Crew:

  • John C. Reilly
  • Tye Sheridan
  • Gregg Turkington
  • Michael Cera

Recommended If You Like:

  • The Comedy
  • Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie
  • Cult Films

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