The first movie made by the troops for the troops and fueled by the ingenuity of the armed forces community. A product of two of the largest military lifestyle brands, nearly a million dollars in crowd funding, real military heroes, and grizzled Hollywood director Ross Patterson, Range 15 is a veteran-driven, blood-splattered zombie apocalypse film that will leave you laughing, crying, and buying guns for days after the experience.

Range 15 is a zombie apocalypse movie combining the talents of industry leaders Ranger Up and Article 15 clothing. The result? A film that isn’t for people who want to analyze whether or not they should go to a theater because the plot doesn’t agree with their delicate sensibilities. Range 15 is a throat-punch that leaves the audience gasping for dignity.


What We Thought:

I’ve been paying attention to Range 15 for quite a while now. I’m also a huge fan of Ross Patterson’s films. Because of those things, I had high expectations for the film. I can say it not only met, but surpassed those expectations.

The film combines two of my favorite things, horror and comedy. When done right, you get great films like Shaun of the Dead, Army of Darkness and Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil. When done wrong, you get something with an animal, usually a shark, and terrible overacting.

Range 15 is nothing like any of those films though, the good or bad. What separates it from being just another zombie film is the talent involved. Most of the cast is made up of military vets. They aren’t actors, don’t have training as actors. The film is made by vets, starring vets, for vets. They aren’t afraid to show you what’s happened to them.

In fact, their injuries are positives in this film. Some of the vets are missing arms, legs, hands, or are in wheelchairs. They get to play zombies or people being ripped apart by zombies and they prove to the audience they are still capable of doing great things. In fact, there’s one scene with a character who has lost both of her hands that is one of the funniest parts of the film. The politically correct will cringe and think she’s being mocked, but I think it’s genius. In this PC, everything is offensive world, the balls it takes to do a scene like that is absolutely fantastic to me.

That’s why this film is so great, they don’t F’ing care what you think. They crucify everyone and then some. There’s scenes they go out of their way for a punchline just to mock a particular PC type wing nut. One female character “fat shames” a male character throughout the movie. And the entire time they are carrying guns and being badass with them. If you don’t support the 2nd Amendment, this film isn’t for you.

There are genuinely laugh out loud moments throughout the film. I posted on Facebook that within the first 20 minutes I had literally laughed out loud at least a dozen times. With celebrity cameos like William Shatner, Sean Astin and Danny Trejo, you’ll be laughing the entire time as well.

Plus there’s Ross Patterson. Ross directed and co-wrote the film, but he also plays the love child of Val Kilmer’s Iceman in Top Gun and John Wayne, who was having sex with John Rambo at the same time. With his bleached hair and shoot first, second, third and never ask questions mentality, Patterson’s Gene Vandenham is as over the top as you expect from any Patterson character.

And you wouldn’t think there’d be a standout in a movie with non actors, but there is. I was genuinely impressed with Mat Best’s performance. He’s a good looking guy covered in tats that I think could get more acting work if he wanted it. He has a presence about him and I can see the ladies going crazy over him. And some fellas too if that’s your sort of thing.

Obviously Range 15 isn’t for everyone. It wasn’t made for everyone. There’s a character with a blow up doll attached to himself. There’s sex and swearing and things getting blown up. There’s fantastic product placement, look for At Night She Cries While He Rides His Steed on a counter top (and buy it HERE if you don’t own it). If safe zones and trigger warnings are words in your vocabulary, move to France puss…I mean don’t watch it. But if you are a proud American, if you support our troops and just like good old fashioned zombie flicks, then Range 15 is…




Cast & Crew:

  • Ross Patterson
  • William Shatner
  • Sean Astin
  • Danny Trejo
  • Mindy Robinson
  • Mat Best
  • Jessie Wiseman

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5 thoughts on “Review: Range 15

  1. It was incredibly offensive, ridiculous and hilarious, as we were all led to believe it would be. As such, watching it in a theater full of veterans and active military members was as glorious an experience as I can remember having in recent years. If it is indeed coming to a theater near you, do yourself a favor and watch it. You won’t be disappointed at all!

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  2. Just saw the film 6/15/16. An incredibly hilarious film. Only vets will understand the humor. I’m happy that it can to the Lowes of Cherry Hill New Jersey.


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