The death of her fiancé (Jeremy London) leaves Grace (Juliet Reeves) abandoned in a harsh mountain wilderness. Struggling against the elements and fighting off starvation, the fragile shell of her sanity begins to crack. Her situation worsens when she notices a dark figure stalking her every step. Through memories of her mother (Charisma Carpenter) and father (Lee Perkins), Grace finds a long-forgotten truth about herself. It is this secret, long hidden away, that will either lead her to safety or down a path of horror beyond anything she could comprehend.

The latest thriller from the director of Shutter and Live Animals, the titular Girl must battle nature and her own demons for her survival and sanity in a deserted part of the Appalachian Mountains. Girl in Woods will be available to rent or own starting June 3rd on Comcast, DirecTV, iTunes, Dish, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu and more.


What We Thought:

Girl in Woods saves itself by not being the typical (Wo)Man Vs. Nature film. It also has a strong performance from Juliet Reeves.

After an accident, you think Grace (Reeves) will be the stereotypical character lost in the woods trying to get home. The difference here is, it’s more a psychological thriller than lost in the woods flick.

She has a secret she’s pushed down in her memories with the help of pills. Well she doesn’t have her pills with her so she starts losing her mind.

That’s why this is slightly better than the standard survival movie. She’s not only fighting the elements, lack of food and safe water, she’s fighting her own mind. She’s having flashbacks. She’s hearing voices and seeing other copies of herself. She’s hearing things in the woods and thinking they are something else. It overall works.

It works too because Reeves is quite good in it. With the bulk of the film being just her and her other personalities, the film never loses your attention which it could have easily done. She handles the role well especially for someone I wasn’t super familiar with.

For a small, lower budgeted film, Girl in Woods works pretty well. It’s not a slam dunk. It won’t blow anyone’s mind, but for a movie that on the surface looks like something we’ve seen a thousand times before, it surprised me a bit. For that, it is…


Cast & Crew:

  • Juliet Reeves
  • Jeremy London
  • Charisma Carpenter

Recommended If You Like:

  • Backcountry
  • (Wo)Man Vs Nature Stories
  • Psychological Thrillers

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