For thousands of servicemen and women far from home, there was no one like Hope for the holidays. Regardless of the time zone or terrain, laughter was the best medicine. Thanks to the miracle of TV, we get to enjoy his many “house calls.”

This DVD features three specials from Bob’s career, spanning two decades of laughs with dozens of celebrity guests, and showcasing USO tours to Alaska, England, Germany, Guam, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam, as well as on-board United States Navy ships including one entire show direct from the aircraft carrier the USS Boxer. Highlights include Bob’s unforgettable monologues, hilarious comedy sketches, classic music performances and special guest stars.

What We Thought:

Bob Hope: Entertaining the Troops is classic Americana. It really showcases just how big and dominating Bob Hope was for decades.

You get three different specials featuring Hope and various acts. You get The Bob Hope Christmas Special: Around the World with the USO 1970, The Bob Hope Christmas Special: Around the World with the USO 1971, and Chesterfield Sound Off Time 1951.

The thing that really hit me was how powerful and supportive Hope was with our troops. I come from a military family, have a nephew currently in the Navy and seeing what this entertainer and showman did for our troops through the years really moved me. There were times that Hope played to thousands of troops knowing the next day, half or more might not make it home again. The last bit of normalcy in their lives was seeing Bob Hope. That’s special.

These specials also showed how timely he could be. It didn’t matter if he was in Vietnam, Germany, Korea or anywhere in the world, Bob Hope had perfect comedic timing. His jokes were timely and unique for every situation. The singing, the dancing, the surprise guests, Hope knew what was right for every performance. He just had “it”.

And man could he play a crowd. Sure some of his special guests were attractive ladies that made the men in the crowd cheer, but Hope could work a crowd like nobody’s business. From his one liners and zingers to one on ones with soldiers or swinging his golf clubs, Hope knew what was right (and funny) for each location and each group. One of the most talented men of all time.

This collection feels really personal too. You really got a sense that Hope and his guests really loved playing for the troops. Their interactions, their acknowledgment of their surroundings, Hope and the others really made the day feel special. Whether it was playing to a huge crowd or visiting the sick in the infirmary, Hope made everyone there feel like he was talking to them.

Bob Hope was around long before I was born, but Bob Hope: Entertaining the Troops can show anyone what type of entertainer and even better, what type of person he was. We’re a jaded society and we don’t treat our servicemen and women nearly as well as we should anymore, but for decades, Bob Hope brought a little bit of home to them. I was born well after these specials took place, but even I could feel the laughter and love Hope put into them.


Bonus Features:

  • None

Cast & Crew:

  • Bob Hope
  • Connie Stevens
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Johnny Bench

Recommended If You Like:

  • Bob Hope
  • Classic Americana

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