What is The Nerds Templar? Well first, thanks for asking! Second, we are yet another pop culture site on the world wide web. The use of the term world wide web should show you that we aren’t the latest batch of kids getting their feet wet in the entertainment field. We are original nerds, people who grew up with the real transforming robots not the loud over the top movie version. We grew up with superheroes not killing people or blowing up buildings. In fact, our superheroes spun back the Earth to save people. We grew up with the Original Trilogy, not the prequels. We grew up knowing there is only one Return Of and it doesn’t involve walking for three movies with a ring. We got beat up for rolling a 20 sided die. We like physical media. We make shorts and movies. And we can name more members of an animated family in Springfield than we can name in our own family. So now you know about us and knowing is half the battle!


This site will provide you with the latest news, reviews, opinions, and (un)controlled chaos your life needs. Since the site contains writers, actors, filmmakers and people who like to hear themselves talk, you’ll find trailers for the next blockbuster, interviews with celebrities, crowdfunding campaigns we think are worth knowing about, odd programs we found streaming online and other random discoveries in our real and virtual lives. Plus from time to time, you might even win some free stuff from us. Sit back, prepare to reach 88 miles per hour and never feed your new friend after midnight.