Pop! Movies: Alien: Covenant

Members of the colony ship Covenant are bound for a remote planet;
when they arrive, the planet seems too good to be true! Little do they know…

From the upcoming film Alien: Covenant, David, Daniels, and
the Xenomorph are now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment!
Collect them all this spring!

In addition, look for Oram with Face Hugger, only at Hot Topic,
and Bloody Xenomorph, exclusively at GameStop!

Pop! Television: Workaholics

Work? What is that?

As they struggle into adulthood, these characters are stuck in a college mindset. Spending most of their days avoiding work, they can’t help but continue to look for a good time!

The telemarketing gurus Blake, Adam, and Anders from the Comedy Central show Workaholics are now in Pop! vinyl form!

Coming this Summer!

Coming in June!

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