Pop! Disney: Moana

Grow your Disney Pop! vinyl collection with Moana, the upcoming film from Disney!

“Moana” is an adventure across Oceania, featuring a tenacious young girl named Moana and a demi-god Maui who set sail together across the South Pacific!

This set of Pop!s features Moana in several variations:
Moana with her pet pig Pua, with her spear (only at Target), in her voyager outfit (exclusively at Walmart), as a
young girl, and as a seated young girl (only at Hot Topic).

You can also collect Maui with his magical hook, and
Moana with Kakamora in a 2-pack!

Coming this fall!

Coming in November!

Pop! Keychain: Moana

Add some adventure to your keyring with Moana and Maui Pop! Keychains!

Coming in November!

Dorbz: Moana

Moana and Maui are also coming as Dorbz!
Collect Voyager Moana only at Hot Topic!

Coming in October!

Dorbz Rides: Moana & Heihei

Set sail with Moana and her rooster companion
Heihei as Dorbz Rides, only at GameStop!

Coming in November!

Rock Candy: Moana

Collect Moana as Rock Candy,
Funko’s 5” stylized vinyl figure line!

Coming in November!

Mystery Minis: Moana

Moana, Maui, and friends can also join
your collection as Mystery Minis!

Coming in November!

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